James Humphrys - 'Three Weeks'

Bristol-based singer-songwriter follows up from his acclaimed recent EP 'Memory Palace' in the perfectly fitting way with his funky single 'Three Weeks'.

Delving into the themes of vulnerability, James finds comfort in a euphoric, fast pace track fulfilled with pop-jazz beats and nostalgic production.

With another groovy track to his name, James doesn't forget the true meaning of music as he tells an honest story that can resonate with everyone through his detailed lyricism. From the feeling, lockdown brings on relationships to avoiding the void we face; lockdown has affected everyone. Speaking about his single, James said: "Let’s be real, lockdown has been bloody tough for us all – particularly those living far away from loved ones. For me, much of the time I tried not to think about how rubbish it felt to feel so distant and disconnected, and for the most part, I managed fine and tried to focus on the fact that this would not be forever – but ultimately, sometimes those thoughts felt pretty overwhelming. This song is me being honest about the situation.”

From the Royal Albert Hall to Zoom calls, James hasn't stopped creating mesmerising dreamy pop fulfilled with lyrics that echos with listeners.

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