James Humphrys - 'Let It Out, Keep It In'

Bristol-based James Humphrys does it once again with his celebrative post-lockdown single 'Let It Out, Keep It In'.

Since emerging onto the scene for his second EP, Memory Palace, James has slowly grown into an exciting, funky singer-songwriter that portrays vulnerability through infectious alt-pop beats with the flow of detailed yet understanding lyricism.

Through leaping, percussive guitar riffs and uplifting beats, James soundscapes remind us of those nights out in the gleaming lights of the city. Speaking about his latest release, he added: “With an end of lockdown insight, I can’t help but feel excited to be reunited with my pals and engage in stupidly late nights again. ’Let It Out, Keep It In’ reminisces nights out and after-parties with friends before the pandemic. It's about trying to convince a friend to turn to the dark side and keep going that little bit longer, even if the sun is rising and the birds are chirping."

With taking influences of Foals and Jungle, James Humphrys music is a twist and turn of alt-pop that's set for the joys of summer.

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