James Goodwin - 'Know You Well'

On the rise, James Goodwin is positioned through the heart of London and storming into 2021 with the infectious blend of upbeat acoustic riffs and raspy vocal tones within 'Know You Well'.

Reminiscing the early days of Lewis Capaldi with the growth of indie-pop star Tom Grennan, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter puts his own spin on the world of music and delves into the feelings of losing someone special.

Through the light touches of his staple guitar production with the unique percussions that flow alongside the high and lows of his vocals - James Goodwin finally brings closure to the emotions he has experienced. Talking about the story behind the relatable lyricism, James said: "'Know You Well' is about thinking you know someone inside out until you discover a side to them that you have never seen before. I wrote it when I lost someone really close to me, and I needed support from the closest people around me. I have always struggled to let myself be emotionally vulnerable because the male figures in my life unintentionally championed the idea that men don’t show weakness."

Following the footsteps of his debut single 'Aware', James Goodwin is slowly proving against all odds in becoming a star.

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