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JADA - 'Something To Say'

Danish pop star JADA continues to bring the best in life with the sultry, addictive take on retro RnB within her latest single, 'Something To Say'.

Photo Credit: Nikolaj Gyldenvang

Set on the basis of a relationship and understanding there is a distance between yourself and your partner, Copenhagen-based artist explores her telling through the wondered blends of classic R&B that's dominating mainstream music with the tendencies of DIY pop.

Oozing with confidence and regaining power through the authentic take on our society, Jada explained: “This song is about being in a relationship with someone, but you feel like there is a distance between you. They took a step back, and you don’t know why. It’s about intimacy, attraction and how you have to say the hard stuff inside of you out. This song really means a lot to me because it’s essential that there is honesty and trust between me and the people I love. I can have a hard time expressing my own thoughts and feelings sometimes, but we have to do it, I think. It only makes us better, closer and stronger."

From her debut single 'Keep Cool' back in 2018 to heading into 2022 as one to watch across the world's music scene, the highly-rated JADA latest track 'Something To Say' proves why I am writing this.