Jack Hawitt: "I think it's always good to keep the finger on the pulse"

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The London based singer has already rocked the music scene but his latest summer single 'Higher Love' will make him reach new levels.

All photos courtesy of Jack Hawitt

Like the rest of us, Jack struggled to find the motivation to carry on producing and writing through this lockdown as he said: "At first I took some time off and had around three weeks off where I literally led on the sofa and watched Netflix to recharge myself -but recently I have had a bit of a kick to get back to it and I've found new motivations after taking that time off." And after experiencing online writing sessions as his management asked him to try something new; he said: "I'm doing four to five sessions a week online and on Zoom and they work really well."

He continued by saying: "I have had to learn new ways to write and produce music and it has definitely changed the way we do it, but it does work. However, I'll be back in the studio after things ease, but this has opened different avenues as I've been writing for artists across the world from LA to Stockholm."

You might know the artist from his appearance on The Voice 2019, but the singer is now known for co-writing 'Crying in the Car' which featured on Megan Thee Stallion latest EP 'Suga' as he told me: "That one is a bizarre story." He expanded on the "bizarre story" and said: "I wrote a song with a Swedish artist Robin Stjernberg last year, which was released, then a choir from Sweden was using the chorus of the song we had written. They uploaded clips onto Instagram and I'm guessing Pharrell saw that after wide attraction."

"It is amazing for me as I can add them to my credit list"

Jack is excited for people to hear his latest single 'Higher Love' and taking different routes within music as he admits: "Music is always changing so I think it's always good to keep the finger on the pulse and be aware of what's happening but also stay true to yourself." He also added that the music video was entirely made within lockdown and said: "I used my iPhone with a gimbal to keep it steady with a 70s camera and literally with my flatmates we went out and shot the scenes we needed."

"I'm quite happy with the final result and excited for people to see it."

As he takes each day as it goes, Jack has worked with a range of artists including the likes of DJ Licious - he believes: "It's always good to feature with other artists as it's something different to my projects and I can reach a whole new audience. For example, Don Diablo played out our song on his DJ set at Formula One, that would have never happened with my music."

With so much music from the rising star, we are hoping for a little project from him and we might be in luck. As he admitted to Vibez: "I've been kind of thinking up to now that I want to keep releasing singles to keep the momentum going rather than releasing five songs on one day. But saying that I do want to do a collection of work like an EP. I'm probably going to write the whole project but stagger the releases then at the end release the final song with the EP."

Whilst Jack takes on a whole range of adventures within the lockdown and reaches a whole a new level, he does concede: "I can't wait to get back out and perform live but I haven't got anything planned at the moment because it's so uncertain what will happen." However, the exciting artist hopes to release more music this year and hopes to expand to other projects.

Don't forget to listen to his latest summer bop 'Higher Love' which brings energetic pop to your front doors. Also, why not watch a live stream from Jack Hawitt on Farah Menswear Instagram this coming Thursday.

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