Ines Rae - 'Never Get It Right'

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

This is the year for the 19-year-old rising star, following her refreshingly graceful debut 'New Girl', Ines Rae latest single, 'Never Get It Right' is a breezy, electro-pop hit to spark our own personal reflection.

Still finding her own path in the music world, Rae has found incredible mentors in Matt Wills and Chris "Woody" Woods, from Bastille fame, who helped produce the shimmering track. The sanguine beat intertwined with the harmonious yet emotionally hard-hitting lyrics make Rae and her sound captivatingly relatable.

The songwriting is also rooted in the deeply intimate emotions we, as humans, experience in life and love. As she explained: "It's about being the one in a relationship that messes everything up and not knowing how to change to make things better." As much as the beautifully atmospheric beats are a blazing light of euphoria, Rae's mature perspective makes us think as we sway.

Even though 'Never Get It Right' is only the second single from the upcoming singer-songwriter, I, for one, am anticipating Ines Rae's subtle melodies to be a staple for our musical journeys.

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