In Earnest Self-Titled EP

Alt-pop trio from Southend-on Sea are embracing a new journey that is fulled by the songwriting front-couple Sarah and Thomas; with their third band member Toby, the band have created a six-track self-released EP.

Written in the hearts of a barn, the band delve into the exploration of mental illness, self-worth and hope. Using mobile studio equipment, taking into consideration to record full live takes and not using autotune - In Earnest have created a vulnerable yet honest project.

Throughout the EP, themes of expectation and identity through atmospheric storytelling and dynamic arrangements, are heard in '29'. Portrayed through subtle riffs and organic textures that flow alongside mesmerising vocals, from both Thomas and Sarah - the track which is shy of five minutes sets an intimate atmosphere for the EP. Followed by the soft yet commanding track 'Put Me Under' that jumps into the ongoing conversation of mental illness.

Speaking about the band's intention, they said: “We want listeners to connect, to feel something - our aim is to encourage discussion around difficult topics like mental illness. By sharing our experiences we hope to provoke thought and inspire others to start conversations as a result of our music.”

'Come Upstairs' written from the personal accounts of the two lead singers has a confrontational fringe found in bold melodies and strong guitar notes. Within the EP we are also delved into the theme of nostalgia that's heard in 'Fables'; taking listeners on an emotive journey through powerful yet calm vocals.

'In Between' a special ode to individuality follows through with twisted rhythms and dark melodies before the EP comes to a close by the lo-fi nature of 'The House'.

Through capturing honesty of living and taking the ability to touch raw subjects through songwriting and specific production, In Earnest have created a delicate but moving EP.

Don't forget to check out the full project on 7th October and special performances across Facebook and Instagram.

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