HUNYBEES - 'Better This Time'

Electrifying indie-rock is the only way to explain it from the Hertfordshire indie duo, HUNYBEES latest single 'Better This Time'.

Taking influence from the likes of The Stokes and The Magic Gang, HUNNYBEES bring their own twist to music that sees Charlie Preston and Louis Bailey create an experimental yet familiar sound. 'Better This Time' delves into the ignorant feeling that surrounds relationships and the ability to become blind to alarm bells. Through rapturous drum beats and high-echoed vocals, HUNNYBEES latest track is exhilarating, to say, the least.

Speaking about the single, Preston said: "Often an argument may highlight an issue but, you still think that it will get better, and that

person can change, hence the title of the song. The repetition of this lyric was to show the ongoing battle a person has when they’re in this position, hoping that things will improve."

Known for their charisma and energy on and off stage, HUNYBEES high energy production and sun-kissed guitar lines are leading them the right way into the music industry.

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