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Honey Motel - 'Morning Affairs'

Maybe late to the party but not too late to enjoy Honey Motel rapturous latest single 'Morning Affairs' as they flirt with the world of indie-pop.

Rising through the oaths of Liverpool, the four-piece band have waved across the music scene for their emphatic energy and thrilling singles that's led to them becoming one to watch for 2021.

As they continue to show off, 'Morning Affairs' is their third consecutive offering that delves listeners into the ever-growing themes of relationships and narcissism. Through the emphasis of wild vocals that take you onto heart-throbbing soundscapes, Honey Motel create the perfect enlisting that's perfect for those sweaty yet missable feelings of witnessing live music.

Speaking about their latest single, the band said: “'Morning affairs’ is a tale of narcissism and egomania. The forever lasting and lingering battle of whether to sacrifice all for something bigger than yourself or to remain in an echo-chambered bubble for one's whole life. The risk of losing something small outweighs the pleasure of gaining everything and more." They added: "The track explores the dynamics of how a person's own fantasies of self grandeur can only be grounded and humbled by the presence of the ones they love the most.”

Whilst no one knows what's going to happen, we know we can rely on Honey Motel for their groovy sing-along tracks to get us through this mad life of ours.