Honey Motel - 'Keep It To Yourself'

Risers Honey Motel continue to force through the music scene and prove their worth with the rock tendencies of 'Keep it to Yourself' alongside the spill of alt-perception within secret B-Side track 'How to Kill a Man'.

Since their formation in early 2020, the Liverpudlian four-piece have caused shock through their competitors and have shown a raw versatility between their latest release.

From the full-force of swallow guitar riffs with the emphatic flow of electronic soundscapes entwined with indie-rock percussions within 'Keep it to Yourself' to the euphoric second offering 'How to Kill a Man' - Honey Motel delve into the human nature of relationships.

Speaking on the track, the band commented: "'Keep it to Yourself' is a track that outlines the delicate & frangible nature of relationships. Whether it be a lover, friend or family member, the faultless and irreproachable depiction painted of them within your mind is one that shudders and cracks as more of that person's past is unveiled." On the other hand, they described 'How to Kill a Man' as: "When you love something or someone. You will do anything to keep that love safe, to keep that love from dying, to keep that love thriving, to keep it flowering. Loving someone or something can be a frightful prospect."

Following the routes of their previous singles, Honey Motel latest tracks are a new breadth of indie-rock and one to keep your eyes on.

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