Home Counties - 'Modern Yuppies'

Following on from their successful debut EP 'Redevelopment', the Bristol Based band Home Counties return in playful style through the disco driven synth-infused post-funk hooks of 'Modern Yuppies'.

As the five-piece embrace new sounds throughout 2020 and ditch the indie guitar-laden, Home Counties finally bring 'Modern Yuppies' to life through the high to low vocal tones alongside the decrepitate production of the drum machines.

Packed with colour and vibrant, Home Counties are heading down the route of success. Speaking about their latest single, singer Will Harrison said: "We dialled the disco influences up to the max and totally embraced that 70's-cop-drama vibe for this pair of stand-alone singles." He added: "It feels like a bold declaration of who we are, and it definitely gives a clearer taste of where we're heading for our next EP."

Since forming only, a year ago, the band are gaining quite the recognition and, we shall be joining the party.

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