HEZEN - 'So We Happen'

French-London based HEZEN captures the essence of finding herself within the mystical yet blossoming single 'So We Happen'.

Influenced by artists such as FKA Twigs and Massive Attack, HEZEN incorporates the embellishment of rich textures with the serenity of her distinctive vocal tones. Whilst taking on the love of what she has grown to love, the rising singer-songwriter puts her own twist on the scope of modern indie pop and tells a story that's close to home but resonates with the people around her.

Speaking about the track, HEZEN noted: "I wanted the song to express both beauty & magic - of the land, of coming back home, of “happening” to oneself - as well as violence - of the blood spilled into the earth and the ocean that surrounds it, and of this birth. It’s also the first time in my life I wrote lyrics in French (in the middle-8 and the end). It felt fitting and natural to do this song, to do it, finally.”

Since emerging onto the scene with her debut EP Stigma, HEZEN once again treats fans with the glistening single 'So We Happen' and is ready to take it to the next step.

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