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Hemes - 'Breathe'

Pulled from her upcoming debut EP Matters of the Mind, emerging British Arabic artist Hemes spills the beans on sophisticated yet dark pop within her latest single, 'Breathe'.

Based in the heart of South Wales, the exciting newcomer delves into the inspiration of growing up between western and middle eastern music and journeys through the personal insight of an overthinker throughout 'Breathe'.

As she finds comfort in the sense of calm and reassurance, listeners are treated to addictive electro-pop productions juxtaposed with the tender, heartfelt lyrics that brings together a bittersweet pop track perfect for the sunset drives into the unknown. Speaking about her latest work, Hemes said: "I wanted 'Breathe' to capture the feeling of needing that one person in your life who can relieve your anxieties, for me, it's my mum." She added: "I wanted the track to feel relatable so that people can think of whoever makes them feel better, whether it's a family member, a lover or a friend."

From the successes of her debut 'Who Needs Love' to 'Breathe', Hemes is finding the path to a perfect music career.