Hauskey - 'One Minute'

The Aussie artist-producer has collaborated with the West London, bossa nova-inspired Hope Tala to bring a bop drenched in the summer sunshine.

Hauskey may be an up-and-coming groove jammer, but the past 18-months have spelt his arrival into the Australian indie-pop scene with his singles 'Cream Shirt' and 'Go Wrong' making, 2021 the Year of Hauskey.

As much as the song feels and sounds playful with its imaginatively joyous psychedelia, the smooth deliveries of the stars tell a sombre yet realistic story. 'One Minute' was forged at the hand of an audacious country boy determined to call out the fake friends around him, but also around us all. As Hauskey explains: "I don't handle bullshit all that well, and can't stand people who aren't genuine. This song wrote itself...". The tranquil guitar and soulful deliveries of Hope Tala and Hauskey ease you into a creamy solace that is uniquely charming.

If the beginning of 2021 is any indication of Hauskey's trajectory, we should expect his intrinsically synth-studded sound to pierce the ears and minds of the musically curious, and it's only just begun.

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