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Greysha - Life Goes Fluently

Here we are, late to the party, but since the 17-year-old released her latest single 'Life Goes Fluently', we have had it on repeat.

The psychedelic and guitar-based ballad, which is accompanied by a husky, deep vocal, encaptivates the listener on a personal journey which resonates with others.

At such a young age, formerly known as Grace Keeling, the singer has gone from one single to now five; showing her dimension of vocals and proving her ability to experiment and produce a range of individuality within her songs. With 'Life Goes Fluently' being her recent single, it's no wonder she has gained recent attention across the board.

The ongoing change of feelings within the chorus and verses show a young love story through the lens of raw vocals and electric melodies that depict a dark and passionate presence.

Overall, Greysha allows us to endure her emotions throughout 'Life Goes Fluently'; taking us on a rollercoaster journey of a post-break-up story, mixed with loneliness, grief and love.