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Gracie Ella - 'Butterflies'

Highly on the rise Gracie Ella, disperses the strong feeling of love through the stunning stripped-back 'Butterflies'.

Born and raised on the influence of a range of music, from Céline Dion and Guns N'Roses to now falling for heavyweight Lauryn Hill, Ella finds herself delving into an addictive combination of the heart-wrenching soul with tendencies of popsicles productions.

With the return of music, Ella treats listeners with the undertones of RnB, soared by the bewitched vocal tones, emphasising the power we have all experienced. Speaking on the release, Ella said: "The chorus for 'Butterflies' was originally written by myself for Steven Kozmeniuk (aka "Koz") to sample- he wanted a bunch of vocal harmonies, something soulful! I sent it to him, and he loved it and asked if I could write the rest of the song. I ended up keeping the song for myself and bringing it to life with Jamaal Bowry from Toronto, a good friend of mine whom I work with a lot. I am very much like the soulful Taylor Swift - I can’t stop writing about love."

Being the second single of the year, Gracie Ella might have a small discography but is fastly wowing the audiences of Canada.