Gillian Heidi - 'Desperate': Guilt, Thrilling and Authentic.

The Boston-based emerging pop star, Gillian Heidi, has once again shown off her skills with her latest single 'desperate'.

Immersing within the pop scene, Gillian Heidi has grace listeners with her poetic eloquence and soulful voice that shows of her raw emotions which reminisces the chronicles of her own existence.

Following the recent releases of 'high' and 'static'; 'desperate' is her third single from the upcoming album, '3AM' that is lined up for release later this year and follows up on the last year's amazing independent EP, 'Unfiltered'.

Her newest offering 'desperate' expands her skills as an artist from slow piano ballads to upbeat snazzy pop beats that will make you have it on repeat. Through vocals melodies that rises and falls to mechanical beats, Gillian Heidi takes you on a journey through the dissolutions of ups and downs, ebbs and flows and trials and tribulations of life itself. Speaking about the single, Gillian said: "'Desperate' was one of the first songs I wrote for the album. It's angsty and authentic. It tells the story of having feelings for someone else while in a relationship, exploring both the thrill and guilt that comes with it."

At only 16 years old, Gillian Heidi has one future ahead of her that we can't wait to witness.

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