GEORGIE: ‘At Home’ – Love, Loss and Redemption

Written from the comfort of her home studio, Georgie has undoubtedly created the perfect soundtrack to sit back and forget about what's happening around you.

Throughout the uncertainties and turbulence of the global pandemic, Georgie has taken her personal experience of love, loss and redemption to create a masterpiece through soulful melodies and infectious vocals that will take listeners on a journey which will resonate with anyone who may have experienced loss over the past four months.

It is clear that the artist tackles a range of challenges through raw emotions, bittersweet feelings and lyrics filled with tainted memories, but, she does it in a way that creates the eight tracklist album a beautiful invasion of hope and summer vibes.

Speaking about the writing process of the album, she said: "'At Home' happened totally organically. When everything seemed to be spiralling out of control worldwide and even more so in my personal life, I turned to what I know best, writing songs. Writing this album has been my most enjoyable creative time to date. I had no idea it was something that would become an album, I was writing these songs purely from the heart and because like everyone else I didn’t have much else to do.”

The focused pop album swiftly opens with the soulful track 'Company', that descends listeners into a sense of reflection on the love and importance of friendship. Then followed effortlessly by a slower rendition track 'Simple Things' that takes on a different turn through piano instrumentals and meaningful lyrics that prove the importance of love with friends, even through tough times.

As we are delved into her personal life, both of the next two songs 'Unrequited Love' and 'Rule We Broke' are fulfilled with heartbreak that is emphasised through raw lyrical emotions and unique beats; that is followed by stripped back guitar strings. Undeniably, Georgie has kept a continuous theme throughout, but there's a sense of the artist dipping into other sounds that bring together the album.

'Chasing Kites' is then followed through - the only song that was created outside of lockdown and co-written with songwriting supremo Eg White - that gave Georgie the self-belief to write 'At Home'. Speaking about the single she said: “‘Chasing Kites” is the only song on the album that I didn’t write and produce during lockdown... This song gave me the confidence to find what I was about musically and really led the way for me to go off on my own and discover the world of production.” A flawless single that fits the overall vibe of the album through soulful vocals and airy synths.

A standout track 'Now We're Lonely' is followed through; an introspective song about inner struggles. The mixture of the gospel harmonies and injection of poetry into the lyrics create a jewel within the album.

The project is carefully closed by 'Me and You Only' and 'Blue Water' as Georgie finds redemption and hopes for a brighter future. As the listeners are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, Georgie starts the album with upbeat tracks, that take a genuine turn of feelings throughout the middle, to then close off with heartening beats that emphasise the end of her challenges.

Overall, the surprise album 'At Home' is full of feelings and bliss that hits the heart with a personal experience which resonates love, loss and redemption.

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