Geiste EP - Retrogrades

London dark-pop visionary Geiste takes on the music world with the introspective yet addictive EP Retrogrades.

Fulfilled with the elements of hurt, abuse and toxic relationship, Geiste explores each theme through the juxtaposed offering of rich textures with tendencies of bouncy synths swirled within her delicate, ethereal vocals.

Aperture to the boundaries challenged within 'Alibi', Geiste follows suit with the moody, electronic-driven 'Twig'. Both of which are smothered by the layers of alt-pop and results in a perfected blend of atmospheric sounds. As we are calmy invited to the ethereal project, Geiste twists and turns into the rough edges of pulsating undertones with the blossoming flow of fluttering beats throughout the middle-track 'I Just Feel Really Empty Inside All The Time'. In the end, Geiste closes off with the waving 'Tide' and brings the project to a close with the effortless wonders of the title track 'Retrograde'.

As we enjoy the oaths of complicated alt-pop, Geiste elaborated: "Retrogrades is the return to reality following the story of Utopia. It’s a walkthrough period of pain from my past. I wanted sounds to be cold and heavy - referencing heavy emotions. The EP references a lot of cities where I lived and people that made me feel trapped and lonely. The last song, Retrograde, talks about falling for a person that can’t give back anything from being self-destructive in that particular period of their lives because of previous events."

Through a journey of peaks and valleys, Geiste finds the heart of resonance, one that we can echo with and enjoy through her latest work, Retrogrades.

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