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Fxrroh - 'In Bloom'

Taken from her latest EP, Chicago based alt-pop singer-songwriter Fxrroh gives us euphoric soundscapes within 'In Bloom'.

With a range of successful releases including her highly anticipated single 'GameBoy', Fxrroh delves into a fresh take on mellow lo-fi synth-pop. All whilst keeping a light atmosphere, Fxrroh brings a new change to her sounds as she uses fluctuate synths that create dark electronics.

Balanced between the down-tempo production and her misty vocals, listeners peer through a dreamy, journey. Speaking about the single, Fxrroh explained: "In Bloom is all about opening yourself up both mentally and physically; Being comfortable with yourself is so important these days. I'm free to be both poised and sexually liberated which, is such an empowering thing.”

As she continues to create a blend of old and new sounds, Fxrroh finds the perfect combination within 'In Bloom'.