Friedberg - 'Pass Me On'

One of the hottest names and talked about female four-piece, Friedberg have returned with their brand-new single 'Pass Me On'.

Following on from their successful stand out singles last year, Friedberg has caught the imaginations of everyone once again through a fully infectious ode to moving on and moving up. 'Pass Me On' is the true meaning to indie-rock as Freidberg delves into hypnotic guitar strings and sensual backing vocals from her fearsome bandmates. Alongside funky drumbeats and mesmerizing melodies also comes with an equally lenitive music video that captures the life of the band.

On making the song and video, Anna said: "’ Pass Me On’ came to me at one of the darkest and loneliest episodes in my life. I feel like only now, by bringing alive the visuals for the song together with my genius friend and director Max Parovsky, I was finally able to push myself away from a toxic situation forever.

From singles featuring on FIFA to highly acclaimed series Normal People to gaining worldwide attention; Friedberg are becoming a force to be reckoned with.

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