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Foxglove - 'Give It Up'

Manchester rising female-fronted four-piece Foxglove are at it again with 'Give It Up' - a pack full of 90's nostalgic soundscapes yet an opening to their vulnerability.

Taking inspiration from The La's 'There She Goes' and, Blur's 'Country House' with the infusion of pop sensation 1975 and Katy Perry. Foxglove takes a path of their own identity through the elements of harmonious guitar strings with the stride of melodic flowing basses.

Whilst the band create a euphoric take on their productions, Abi White's poignant lyrics, alongside her distinct tone of vocals, follow the path of a burden thought that you're too deep into a situation to say what you want to. Speaking about their latest release, lead singer Abi White said: "When we play this song live, it’s a vulnerable and emotive ballad that seems to stop people in their tracks. We wanted to encapsulate this within the recording and weave in the nostalgia from the times we were all growing up in the late ’90s/ early ’00s. I remember singing Avril Lavigne songs in my bedroom, and I feel this song is a nod towards growing up and my childhood."

From weaving back to the oaths of growing up to now striding into the new year, the indie-pop Foxglove are finally in their lane.