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Foxglove - 'Birthday'

Forget about the classics coming-of-age movies as Manchester-based Foxglove have you covered with the roaring nostalgic 'Birthday'.

Fulfilled with the subtle sounds of Sam Fender and Wolf Alice, Foxglove approach to the modern British indie scene gives hope to the future as their rhythmic melodies alongside lead singer Abi luminous vocals swirl in between our ears.

Switched from their vulnerable side and reflecting on the roaring memories of childhood and growing into an adult, the four-piece band versatility is emphasised within the complementation of addictive tones of indie-pop.

Speaking about the influence of 'Birthday' Abi said: "When I wrote the lyrics to this song, I was angry at the way some people reacted to situations going on around the world, and it also made me realise how you only start to notice this as you grow up. Usually, I keep my opinions to myself, but I felt I needed to get this off my chest, and that’s where the lyrics for Birthday were born; this is the first time I’ve ever written lyrics like this."

As they continue to build upon their discography, Foxglove throw away their past and look to the future.