Foxes is back with a bang!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The British singer, formerly known as Louisa Rose Allen, is back with her new single 'Love Not Loving You'.

(All photos by, Ross Mondon)

The pop groove single empowers 80s vibes with optimism and hope - and we are here for it.

After nearly four years of no music, we all wondered if she would ever make a comeback. But we were wrong as from just over three weeks ago she made a reappearance on social media. Since then we have been given sneak peeks of secret messages and quite frankly, we were not expecting it so early.

Two days ago, on Monday, Foxes announced her new song 'Love Not Loving You' which was released today and oh my have we missed her.

The song, which was produced by Lucy Hawes, is about how Foxes learns to accept herself and she has returned with a true statement.

She begins the bop with "I don't need you to call me to me I'm alright, I don't need you to knock on my door in the dead of the night"; which proves how much she has finally fallen in love with herself and become free.

Rush around to the chorus, and the 31-year-old belts out and gets rid of all that bad energy with the lyrics "You make me dance like I mean it, now I love, now I love, now I love not loving you".

Watch the fresh video below which was filmed in quarantine with the guidance of director Rauri Cantelo.

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