FOLEY EP - Vacation

New Zealand based pop duo, Foley, really take you on a vacation of bittersweet melodies and groovy production within their nostalgic five-track EP Vacation.

Following on from their debut EP 'On My Conscience', the unbreakable friendship of Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett step it up a notch with the overarching theme of escaping the everyday routine we live in and route down a physical getaway of pop perfection with an indie twist. "For us, ‘Vacation’ is us trying to be our best to our partners, friends, families, and a reminder to enjoy ourselves,” Foley wrote. “It’s us being confident in our creativity and aspiring to be better.”

Opening their account with the dominant guitar strumming of 'Keep Me on My Toes' Foley lash into the ride of blossoming romance within 'Anything Before You'. Through soaring vocals, that dream across swirling basses, the duo, intricate lyricism of love, rides between the psychedelic melody that's emphasised by the funk-laden rhythm. As they affirm their feelings, Foley added: "It’s OK to feel overwhelmed by your emotions and feel like your life has been reorientated, with someone else. As much as there’s power in being confident by yourself, there’s power in accepting someone else, and it’s reassuring to embrace that new reality for no reason other than the fact it makes you feel good."

Whilst we enjoy the journey of lust and love, Foley brings it down a notch of grounded mellow pop grooves with candied vocal tones through 'Better Than Love' as we close off our emotions to protect us from future heartbreak. With contrasting experiences, the duo writing abilities and tight friendship give them a head start of being open to their fans. Through a dreamy R&B exploration, listeners next travel is reminiscent of disco anthems within 'Rendezvous'. Dripping between the youthful guilty truths as Ash sings, 'Crazy for you/ Crazy I'll admit this once/ Craving all the craving/ I can't taste enough/, the groovy soundscape shimmers in glistening pop.

In a time of need, Foley brings glistening pop with lustful meaning to my door. To close off, the chic duo breezy blend of pop and R&B throughout 'So Personal' is an addictive yet perfect finish to Vacation.

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