FLOWVERS Live from The Joiners

With their small tour across the UK now over, we look back at FLOWVERS abrupt show from The Joiners, a night fulfilled with old-school indie rock with a modern twist.

Opening the intimate show with Southampton local boys Myriad who treated fans with a series of old and new tracks such as their latest single 'Do You Know Where She Goes', Portsmouth based FLOWVERS returned to the famous location in style. Though they have visited the renowned venue many times, FLOWVERS are at the highest point of their career, and the night could have not come at a perfect time for fans to enjoy UK's one to watch.

Known for their unique approach to the scope of music, FLOWVERS took the stage in stride from the get-go as the crowd enjoyed a concoction of toxic riffs and wheezing productions. From their latest offering, 'Far Away', to a series of fans favourites, FLOWVERS offered a small yet sizeable setlist to take us into the night.

Whilst there are gaps for growth for the future, 2022 for FLOWVERS could be the year for South's latest offering to the music scene as they continue to enjoy the space of live music.

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