Five Minutes with Spoort

Leicester based Spoort are finally pushing through as they enjoy the successes of their self-titled debut EP and now their latest collaboration with Rasharn Powell through the single of 'Never Call Home'.

Known each other since day one of primary school and played together most of their lives, the well-established quartet have routed down the chaos of music and slowly evolved over time with delivering a centre of eclectic sounds and championing niche production joint with the ethos of society. Already offering a self-titled debut EP that garnered support from both BBC Radio 6 and Apple Music to now top of the work collaborations, Spoort are ready to take it to the next step.

With 2021 coming to an end, we quickly caught up with the band as part of our Five Minutes series to talk all 'Never Call Home', the return of live music and secrets of 2022.

Congratulations on the latest collab throughout 'Never Call Home' – can you talk us through the background and themes you delved into?

Rasharn wanted to convey how he felt about a heavy breakup and to detail the lengths he went to deal with how he felt. It’s pensive but forward-moving, positive!

eing your first collaboration with Rasharn, how did this track come alive, and how would you explain the creative process of it coming together?

We had a couple of sessions in Nuneaton with him before COVID, where we’d play him some of the instrumentals we’d been working on, and he’d try different vocal lines. 2 or 3 hits written in 1 day, to be honest! With 'Never Call Home', we’d written something really intense and complicated with loads of key changes. He just said, ‘why don’t you just try the first three chords?!’ and that took it in a really poppy and well-suited direction.

Being rising stars within the UK music, what has been the biggest learning curve, and how would you describe your musical journey so far?

We’ll take that - our musical journey has been very long considering our age! The biggest learning curve has been with production: you can probably produce the music you want to make by yourself. The smokescreen of recording studios and expensive equipment can deter people from reaching their potential, and chances are you can produce something really great using a laptop and a cheap interface. Unless you’re tracking drums, in which case good luck!

With live music back and already performing across the UK and together, how excited are you to get back onto the road, and what can fans expect from your performances?

We’ve got a show in Leeds with Sipho on the 28th of January, and then a headline at the Lexington in London on the 29th of March. Tickets for both are available now!

Finally, what do you have up your sleeve for 2022, and do you hope to work together in the future?

Singles and a second EP are incoming! Keep your eyes peeled. Maybe there will be another one with Rasharn on there? 👀

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