Felyce - 'Skin'

Emerging through the Parisian oaths, Felyce embraces the feeling of being different within the dark yet empowering single, 'Skin'.

Taken on influences of Sam Smith and American pop idol Lana Del Rey, the rising singer-songwriter Felyce shuffles between the ambience of RnB undertones with the fronting atmospherics of alt-pop beats as her unique staple vocals immerse our ears.

Speaking about the meaning of the track, she said: "I wrote 'Skin' thinking about that beautiful story I heard once. A young black girl wondered why her skin was so dark, and her mother told her the reason was because the sun loved her too much. That story really stuck with me."

From the ranks of university to now paving her route within the music scene of France, Felyce is slowly picking up the momentum through 2021.

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