Felid Debut EP - 'Knowing You, Part One'

Kicking off 2021 in style, Felid debut EP 'Knowing You, Part One' follows the artists' successes of 2020 and shows off an exciting route down fizzy alt-pop.

Known for his evocative yet detailed take on one of the most complex sounds of music. The Bristol-based singer-songwriter and producer should not be ignored in a time of horror. Opening with the atmospheric sexual tension of 'Take It Off', the EP takes an alluring start; that creates a nostalgic tenderness that reminds listeners the forgotten feelings of lust.

From the provocative start, Felid slightly brings it down a notch with 'Blame'; opening to his mellow vocals yet keeping to his staple electrifying alt-pop production. Which then leads into the glimmering piano-led infused sonic 'Midnight Lover' that proves to be the perfect fitting of being the middle part of the five-track EP. As he captures listeners with his self-acclaimed creativity of unique soundscape and production, others should be warned of the newcomer.

Closing off with the euphoric synth-dominance of 'On Your Own', Felid's bass-heavy, 90s influenced 'Just This Once'- is the elegant ending to the intimate project.

From one end to the other, the rising artist sends listeners down a trap of psychedelic twists and turns that I for, one should be returning to.

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