Fading Blonde - Walking Distance

One of the UK's next great guitar hopes, Fading Blonde, have blessed us with their latest single 'Walking Distance'.

The purgative indie-rock anthem 'Walking Distance' marks the beginning of a new era for the three-piece band, after supporting Deco at the Rescue Rooms, as well as being added to Spotify's official 'We Are Nottingham' playlist; to now releasing their first single of 2020.

The track embeds the story of coping with physical distance from a loved one - something people can reminisce throughout lockdown - through the balance of emotionally raw lyrics with the undertone of an alt-rock arrangement alongside a gentle indie-rock undertone.

Speaking about the single, Lead singer Evan Jones said: "With Walking Distance, we wanted to create a song which people could shout back the words to us at gigs next year - that’s the feeling we’re missing and we wanted to re-create this in the recording. The song is about being with someone every day of your life and then suddenly having to deal with emotional and physical distance. We poured all this emotion back into the song and hopefully that shines through the finished product.”

With an infused mix of intense riffs and anthemic vocals, Fading Blonde, masters a song that pulls your heartstrings and hits home across the globe.

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