Fading Blonde - '25'

Nottingham indie rock band, Fading Blonde, are back with their energetic offering '25'.

Known for their rapturous live sets and uplifting tracks, Fading Blonde have not gone wrong with '25'. As they take inspiration from the likes of Paramore and Foo Fighters, the indie outfit have packed together catchy riffs and dynamic melodies, that captures the vast range of the trios sound.

With warming instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics, the band explore the anxiety of growing up and feeling like you're growing old all too quickly. Lead singer Evan Jones says: "'25 is a really personal one for me. When I wrote this song, I was having this massive anxiety that felt like some sort of impending doom was approaching. That life was moving around me as I was deteriorating and never getting anywhere I felt like I should be. Kind of like a mid-life crisis, but at 23! With a quite dark subject matter, we wanted the melodies and instrumentation to be as uplifting, energetic and fun as possible."

With a series of singles out, Fading Blonde are becoming one of the most exciting bands to come out of the Nottingham.

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