Meet... Yumi and the Weather

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Photo by Luke Bateman Photo, at the Great Escape

The four-piece band who are based from Brighton, have caused waves in the music scene since 2012 and featured in Electronic Sounds Magazine top 20 albums this year. Luckily, I had the chance to talk to the lead singer ‘Ruby Taylor’ on how it has been for them and what the future holds.

How did you break into the music scene?

It was a few years ago when I was writing music on the computer, and I released a single as a free download (‘Not Again’) and it got a really good response. The feedback then gave me confidence to just keep writing and releasing.

As a band, how did you all become together and form 'Yumi and the Weather'?

It was such a natural process really. I never set out to form anything but I luckily met people who wanted to be involved and helped take it to the band formation, so originally Charlie (bassist) said he was up for it after seeing him at a gathering years after we were at college together. Frankie Knight, we used to play in different bands and met at a show we both were playing and hit it off and eventually we were on the same label (XVI) so made sense to work with each other. Will Woodfine was found on the plains of the Earth in various groups but we threw a net over him, and pulled him in, and luckily, he is at home now.

What were your inspirations when you were younger and how would you describe your band?

Musically, like everyone I suppose I was in to the typical bands of the generation, but I think the main inspiration comes from the hometown and the people there - as I grew up in London, so moving to the South Coast (Worthing) there was a loads of new crowds and with that comes a lot of sub cultures so I had a great time being part of the new vibes the south coast brought so I suppose it reflects in my music, especially this debut album. The difference in genre on there was from the squeeze of the sponge I’ve held on to for a while.

You released your first album last year, what has the reaction been like since?

Well it was in Electronic Sounds Magazines top 20 albums of the year (2019) so I’m just riding on that still ha ha, yeah people are enjoying it. Lucky to have friends and family who are very supportive, so it’s nice to be able to hear good feedback when I have my doubtful days!

The tour started on the 1st July - what has the reaction been like and are you looking forward to the rest of it?

So far people have been happy with our performances and it’s been a pleasure to play, and it’s only going to get yeah, I am definitely looking forward to the rest, and more!

What can we expect in the coming years and is there anything special on its way?

A second album is about to be recorded so expect more music, and a kick ass live show cause I am personally finally enjoying it now where as before, I had extremely bad stage fright, and people would never have been able to I suppose expect less nervous banter and more singing.

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