Evie Irie - The Optimist EP

Breaking artist to watch, Sydney born Evie Irie has released her much anticipated new project 'The Optimist' EP.

The 17-year-old up and coming Australian musician has been chasing her dream since she was a teen. By 15 years old, her talent and drive to become a star led her to convince her parents to move to Nashville, where she experienced countless open mics, before winding up in Los Angeles for a short time - a journey chronicled through her 2019 debut EP '5 Weeks In LA'. A debut EP that has almost racked up eight million streams and finds herself on a bunch of 'Ones to Watch' list.

Kicking off 2020 with a range of heartwarming singles from 'Over Him' to 'Worst Enemy', Evie Irie is back with her five-track EP titled 'The Optimist'. She preceded its arrival with 'Little More Love' a summer yet emotive upbeat pop tune that's followed through with her brand new single 'Carry Your Heart'. A track that illuminates her vulnerability through subtle guitar stings over glassy production as she sings "Carry your heart in mine". On the other hand, Evie Irie widens her versatility as an artist as the EP culminates synth-beats and alt rhythms that is evident in her synthetic driven 'Sink Swim'. That bounces between electronic-infected verses and a reminder, "Better live before you die."

As she rises through the ranks and continues to gain support across the board, Evie's latest EP 'The Optimist' has cemented herself in the pop world.

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