Essosa - 'LEMONADE'

Continuing to take control of her own narrative, Essosa switches it up from the dreamy soundscapes for the addictive tones of RnB within her latest release, 'LEMONADE'.

Photo Credit: Elymma Mensah

Followed on by a series of singles and a debut EP, Essosa delves into the upbeat tendencies of a dancefloor to escape the world of rejection. Filled with a blend of different sounds, from funk to disco, 'LEMONADE' is a modern take of noughties RnB that scream influences of Janelle Monae yet her own approach to productions and soundscapes.

With the themes of love and heartbreaking star-crossing each other, Essosa noted: "LEMONADE is a heartbreak dance-pop anthem. I wrote this song as a form of escapism and to find a way to dance despite the pain of rejection.” Though offering a bittersweet take to her emotions and experiences, Essosa latest work proves her craft is at her best yet.

As she goes from one part of the world to the next, the rising 20-year-old is going from the underground music scene to mainstream, with the work of 'LEMONADE' and what's next.

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