Emily Hackett - 'My Version of a Love Song' EP

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Emily Hackett is back with her overarching theme of love in the glistening detailed six-track EP 'My Version of a Love Long'.

After receiving acclaim from the likes of Billboard and Rolling Stones, Emily delves into a new chapter as she continues to grow fondness of pop-infused sounds. The theme of love and the different representations it has on different forms is prevalent throughout as the collection of songs showcases the artist's emotive songwriting that doesn't shy away from an infused mix of genres.

From the opening track 'Hangovers & Heartbreak' a calm yet powerful opener through soothing vocals and entwined country beats that allows listeners peep through the experience of letting go of someone you once loved. To her most challenging song and title track 'My Version of a Love Song' that is the artists' own introverted attempt at a love song; through detailed storytelling that sheds light on the countless liabilities of being human. Emily Hackett transforms the resonation feelings her listeners feel into something beautiful.

In other words, 'Handle' slows down the EP that is deeply reflective of feeling too much for past lovers. Through harmonising vocals alongside, acoustic guitar riffs Emily allows herself to look back onto the past before closing the doors. 'How the Hell (Michael's Song)' furthers explores her confessional love stories; about not understanding how she ended up with her husband, but's grateful the universe brought them together. With 'Can't Help Myself', the only song featuring another artist, Emily Hackett perfectly works with Hardcastle throughout unprecedented times to bring alive an anthemic pop-rock track that investigates the internal struggle in learning how to love yourself. Speaking about the track, Emily said: "a double-edged truth about the difficulty in letting go of the human desire for control and the unavoidable tendency to find yourself going back for more. I know what healthy looks like, and it sure as well isn't the anxiety I submit myself to when I compare and act out of fear. I know I can't help myself, but damn... I can't help myself.” Through upbeat melodies and roaring vocals, Emily allows herself to share little something different to others; that is becoming a fan favourite.

Emily gives us an emotive yet strong genre-bending EP, 'My Version of a Love Song', that gives something to everyone, from love to breakups.

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