Emie Nathan - Roses

Between the ranks of New York and London, Emie Nathan finds herself as an enthralling newcomer to the music scene as she shows promising signs with her uplifting offering, 'roses'.

Empowered by the feeling of living in the moment, Emie weaves between the heart striking vocals she possesses with the intricate electro-pop beats that give listeners a moment to gossip about.

As she shares her emotions throughout the single, she explained further: "The chorus describes how easy it is to look back on a moment in time with rose-tinted glasses, imagining everything better than it was in reality. This song narrates how I see it for exactly what it was, the good with the bad and the sweetness that lies in both. The verses unpick my craving for a real and continued experience, knowing that while it remains completely impossible - re-entering a more ‘normal’ way of life feels threatening without my people nearby to stick with and lean on.”

Whilst she only appeared through the mist of 2021, Emie acquires a unique talent that will surely put her at the top of the future of music.

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