Elodie Gervaise - 'IMYG'

French - Australian riser Elodie Gervaise journies into the new generation of music with the hypnotic yet intimate single, 'IMYG'.

Taken from her upcoming EP Syzygy, Gervaise gives hints of what to expect with the intricately layered electro-synths swimming deep within the authoritative vocal tones and one that offers pure emotion.

Delved into the connection we hold between our counterparts, Gervaise noted: “‘IMYG’ is based on a light and intangible connection describing an encounter the day before the first lockdown. The story of two souls having met in a past life and crossing paths again." As listeners are treated to a haunting refrain of modern music, we find ourselves within the complex soundscapes entwined through a story of a relationship, connection and love.

After establishing herself in Australia, Elodie Gervaise latest work - 'IMYG' - inserts her in the heart of the European music scene as she prepares for her next chapter.

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