Elias Boussnina - 'Heroine'

Copenhagen future star Elias Boussnina flirts with the addictive feeling of love through the ultimate laid back 'Heroine'.

Photo Credit: Cathrine Brix

Formerly taking the hip-hop stage by storm back in the 10's with the name of Yung Coke, Boussnina continues to renowned his new era with the tease of his upcoming debut album throughout the summer groove of 'Heroine'. Brimmed to the top with stylish beats entwined with over-the-top yet catchy flanger-guitar, Boussnina takes listeners on a journey of "I can't run from this shit - I'm an addict / I don't want to let go - gotta have it!"

“The song is about being addicted to another person–about the sickening feeling you can get when you love someone more than you love yourself or anything else. Is love really that much different from being addicted to drugs? To me, love is a fix we praise," said Boussnina on the influence of the track. "But in a worst-case scenario, love can push a person all the way out there, where you completely lose yourself, which ultimately can destroy who you are and become the end of everything."

With already a series of work to show off, 'Heroine' paves Elias Boussnina to his next journey and one that shouldn't be missed.

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