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Elias Boussnina - 'Been Fru'

Denmark's latest riser Elias Boussnina continues to make an impact on the music scene as he leads into his long-awaited debut album Intervention with hit opener 'Been Fru'.

Already a staple name within Danish music through the works of hip-hop - under the alias of Yung Coke - the 27-year-old has further renowned his sounds and production as he goes awol with Boussnina. Prove to bring alive, addictive, hazy RnB with the undertone stories of our lives, Boussnina latest album starts off in style with playful, modern R&B yet still exploring the world under our feet throughout the single 'Been Fru' as he looks back at his life.

Creating an album on the takes of drugs, money, power, sex and the fascination of other people, Elias further said: “I’ve always tended to become really easily addicted to things–and without realising it myself. Addictions are very exciting to write about, and pretty quickly, I knew it was gonna be a recurring theme for the album. ‘Been Fru’ is pure thought-frenzy. It’s a look back on all the things that used to feel just right but doesn’t anymore–about finding your path in life."

Running away into his own lane, 'Been Fru' offers a hint to what can be expected to the overall conception of Intervention and gives Elias Boussnina a high step into 2022.