British-Moroccan singer-songwriter ELATRASI hypnotises us within a whirlwind of soul-pop throughout her debut 'Heavy'.

Soared through the delicately placed power vocals with the cinematic soundscapes that infuse Arabic-British music together, ELATRASI evocative debut is the perfect start-up to her career.

Delved into her personal life of living with chronic illnesses, ELATRASI's moving lyricism expands the vulnerability she aims to change to power than pain. Speaking about her latest work, she said: "The track touches upon the concept that just because we seem to have it all together, it doesn't mean that we aren't struggling beneath the surface. We are all going through invisible battles and, unless we mention it, no one would ever know."

With an authentic take on the world of music, ELATRASI debut shows the quality of individuality yet space to grow into a star.

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