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Dutch Wonderstar: remme

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Following the release of his latest single 'lose touch', rising singer and songwriter, remme has been hard at work in the studio and already looking forward to getting back on the road.

Since the release he has described the journey as: "It's been great! It's always very exciting to release music and with the whole Covid-19 crisis a bit more in the background, everything around the release is just more fun." As the pandemic takes control, many artists have had to cancel tours and take on online concerts and gain fans attention via social media. Luckily for remme, he admits: "Travelling to Berlin became a lot easier and I even started to play live on TV with my band for the first time in months." Overall, he is grateful for the support on 'lose touch' and "it has been unreal so far and I'm so thankful for all the sweet messages and love."

"I decided to release ‘lose touch' to show a bit more of myself as an artist, to show people that I am able to write pop songs that still feel pure and authentic."

The singer who began, writing at the age of 12 after being encouraged by his former guitar teacher said the first time, he ever wrote a song he: "Loved it and in no time the guitar lessons turned into writing sessions." After around two years of playing the guitar, remme went onto writing songs much more seriously as it became a natural occurrence as he added: "I would bring my ideas from home and we'd bounce back and forth. Over the years things started to get more and more serious and before I knew we are working on an album at our studio in Berlin." He also added there was no other path and said: "I've never really thought about doing something else in life and making music feels natural to me."

With no songs being released before 2020, as he admitted to Vibez "If it was up to me, I would release music almost every day, but then the nice people of my record label would go crazy." He was lucky enough to support James Morrison at the Paradiso and described the experience: "A dream came true and it felt very special to sing for such a big audience. Paradiso is a legendary concert venue in Amsterdam and the feeling that everybody I look up to play on that stage gave me goosebumps, so I really had to get myself together when I walked on stage." As a rising star, it's no wonder you would be nervous to perform at such a venue but remme took control of the gig as he told us: "The crowd was supportive when I told them it was my first performance in front of so many people, and I got a lot of energy out of that." Even though remme has released a few singles, he has gained attention across the world and he is already dreaming to perform at Glastonbury; which we can't blame him for.

Whilst remme is working on music day and night, he admits: "It's good not to be in the studio all the time and I try to take some time to work out and hang out with friends." As we are on the topic of not writing music he admits after being asked what animal he compares to: "I would be the husky you see in my lose touch video, running around in nature all day - I could get used to that!" As he takes on the world, he believes that he is just starting and admits: "There are so many things that I can improve and so far, it has just been me in a room."

At only 20, he already has his eye on collaborating with other artists in the future and hopes to learn from them. He told us: "I've always been intrigued by artists that, besides being amazing singers and performers, are also incredible songwriters. I and my team call it the 'full package', it's something I aspire to by writing songs almost every day." He also added: "Some big inspirations for me at the moment are Chris Martin and Frank Ocean so yes it would be a dream to work with artists like that."

"We were getting better and better, so I want to finish what we started."

As we close up getting to know what remme has been up to and his past experiences, we can't forget what he has planned for the future. He finally told us that he is working on many songs and "it would be great to work towards an album." Unfortunately, he admits he is unsure when this album will be finished but plans to keep writing. On the other hand, he told us: "I absolutely cannot wait to be back on the road again with my band in 2021. After our first gig, last January things started to take off. We were getting better and better, so I want to finish what we started."

Don't forget to check out remme's latest single 'lose touch' and we can't wait to see him rise within the music scene.