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Dutch Criminal Record share their 'Feel Good' Summer Hit

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Portsmouth based indie band have released their latest sizzling summer single, 'Feel Good'.

The three-piece band from the south coast have gained a name for themselves after the success of singles like 'Socks & Sandals' and 'Graduate'. Plus supporting the likes of Sea Girls and gaining recognition from Spotify Official playlists such as Fresh Find and being championed by the likes of Tom Robinson of BBC 6.

Their latest energetic single 'Feel Good' inspired by the 80s band Orange Juice sets them on a good path for new heights, through breezy drumbeats and fresh songwriting.

The opening guitar riff of the single sets out a joyful tune which is then followed by elated lyrics and an upbeat to the drums. The continuous lively vibe to the riffs sets out a buoyant piece of music, which is set through lyrics such as "Feel good when you are young," and "I can set you free."

The lyrics of the song takes on a deeper meaning which is explained by Joe Delaney-Stone (guitarist and vocalist) as: "being a sarcastic take on the keep calm and carry on, slap a smile on its attitude towards mental health."

With their mixture of hooking guitar riffs, infectious vocals and sanguine beats to the drums: summer is finally here. Dutch Criminal Record has quickly become ones to watch within the music scene, as the trio effortlessly created a whole new identity.

With their debut EP insight, 'Feel Good' is a preview into their project which is described as: "their best releases to date" according to drummer Joe Frampton.