Dude, My Dude - 'Loser'

An introspective rawness within the world of indie-rock throughout Dude, My Dude debut single 'Loser'.

Composed by Benjamin Lyth and Matthieu Thienpont, the British alternative duo have gone from recording demos on an iPhone to embarking on the release of 'Loser' - a woozy offering that delves into the night outs we all miss.

As they paint on the influences of post-adolescent, emphasised by the nostalgic soundscapes that flow within the lines of brandish guitar strings - Dude, My Dude effort to bring something new to the table is one to be not ignored.

Since forming back in 2019, Dude, My Dude show glimpses within their debut but, as more come from them, they'll soon rock the stages we witness.

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