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Dua Lipa: Future Nostalgia review - fun, raunchy and glamour from the new queen of pop.

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The pop star was adamant to bring out her new album on April 3rd but after an unfortunate leak and the concerns of the global pandemic; she has brought pop heaven to your back doors.

Photo taken by, Ross Mondon

It's an odd time to be putting new music out into the world, but the London raised former model has gifted us with an 80s electro album to help us dance through self-isolation. Whilst everyone is stuck at home sharing baby photos on Instagram or binge-watching every show on Netflix; Dua Lipa has brought out an 11-track album of dance floor bangers.

Her masterpiece second album Future Nostalgia which channels the history of music with freshness and songs for getting ready for the night out is a reminder of why Dua Lipa is the singer we so desperately need right now. After huge considerations and a tense Instagram live session this week, she announced that she was bringing her new album forward.

She concluded in her live session that "we need joy and we need to be trying to see the light. I hope it makes you dance, and I hope I make you proud".

The artist's career started with her untouched single 'Be the One' which stormed the top ten in 2015. Then followed in 2016 with even another banger 'Hotter than Hell', with a delayed debut album in 2017 with more immaculate pop music. Let's not forget her break-up single 'New Rules' which became her first number one and its viral video of protective girls and sleepovers.

Now let's fast forward to Future Nostalgia, only her second album and there's no disappointment. If you have already heard 'Physical' or 'Don't Start Now' then you know the energy she is bringing is queen realness and pop production.

It's almost impossible to listen to this album without feeling the need to rave across the house whilst everyone is working from home. With songs such as 'Hallucinate' and 'Cool' – which she sings "burning up on you" and "And I love the way you move", taking charge of what she creates.

One thing I love is that she's kept her instinctive husky voice with her deep tone throughout the album. Throwing back to where she started and not changing her originality. Alongside the silliness of "Good in Bed" which reminisces that good sex is the only thing that is holding two people together and 'Levitating' throwing back to Daft Punk and getting her British side across the record.

She also recognises female empowerment that fans will expect from the singer after her hit single 'New Rules'. 'Boys Will Be Boys' addresses issues of gender inequality with lyrics ranging from "isn't it funny how we laugh it off to hide our fear" and "it's second nature to walk home". She wants to see a change in our society and make a difference through her music.

Future Nostalgia isn't just an 11-track album, it's a 37 minute record of pure bliss and realness.