Drew Sycamore - 'Jungle'

Taken from her debut album Sycamore, the Danish-Welsh pop star lead single 'Jungle' is a fast-track into an emotion of love and one that should not be ignored.

Set on the tendencies of yearning on the uncertainties with the potential fate deep within the lyrics, Drew holds together 'Jungle' through contradicting rich, pop production that triggers the nostalgic 80s synth-beats aesthetic.

As she delves into the mixed feelings she has experienced, Drew added: "'Jungle' is made under a violet sky where I found myself in a particularly melancholy nostalgic mood. I was in love and not in love at the same time, and everything felt so overwhelming. Life has a funny way of sorting itself out, and I guess the emotion that came out in ‘Jungle’ was this feeling of a backwards fall of a cliff into the deep sea. I had to float and surrender to things unfolding by themselves.”

With her debut album now gracing the world, Drew is on the verge of reaching the heights of Dua Lipa and Zara Larsson and maybe beyond.

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