Dom Porter x Violet Jones Ft [K S R] & Mercy's Cartel - 'Burden'

Following on from the success of their debut single 'Honey', Dom Porter and Violet Jones have partnered with Mercy's Cartel and KSR within their euphoric release 'Burden'.

Manoeuvring through the thoughts of loving someone who still isn't aware of it, each artist brings an element of their own uniqueness to blend an enriched soundscape that yearns on our emotions.

As the Bristol-based producer takes a beautiful turn on his inspiration of Sampha and Frank Ocean infused with 90's RnB synths; the relationship he holds with others creates a record that emulates modern electronic RnB with a splash of soul. Through the heart-warming lyricism that travels alongside the throbbing drum-pattern; the quadruple creates a soundscape that's perfect to, escape from reality.

Whilst we take in the raw 'Burden', rising producer Dom and artist Violet continue to work together to embark on the forthcoming debut EP that speaks desire and growth.

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