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Dictator - 'Moonlight'

A week later and, Dictator still hit me right, left and centre with my feelings within their latest stripped-back single 'Moonlight'.

Whilst they are known for indie-pop with a twist of alt tracks worthy of sold-out stadiums, the rising Scottish quartet brings it down a notch through a melodic ballad that reminds us of the simpler times.

As we are taken back through our youths within the nostalgic tones that flow alongside the dominate vocals, Dictator simple approach to their latest offering is one to be not missed. Speaking about their release, the band said: "Moonlight is about getting drunk for the first time and on the cusp of our first experiences with love and relationships. It’s a reflection on simpler times and an appreciation of what we’ve come through to get to where we are..."

From reflecting their first love to those messy nights, 'Moonlight' is a raw contribution that leads to the continuation of their growth.