Declan McKenna Live from Bournemouth O2 Academy

Gen Z indie rock star, Declan McKenna, is ready to hit the next step as the 22-year-old continues to wow audiences across the UK with the glistening, energetic The Zeros Tour.

Opening with future star Alfie Templeman, the crowd were in full swing from the let go and prepped for a night of singing and dancing.

Whilst the London born and raised artist has had his ups and downs over the past year, from his tour to his latest album, it seemed to be forgotten as the main protagonist alongside the four-piece band took to stage with the emphatic hit single 'Beautiful Faces'.

From the theatrical, space-rock set to the sounds of hard-hitting percussions and euphoric shifts, fans were treated to a set of his 2017 debut What Do You Think About The Car? and his 2020 follow up album Zeros. With a sold-out Bournemouth O2 Academy to his name, fans greeted each song as it was his last and let lose the emotions of the past 18 months.

Showing off the present fears of our generation - the cracks of social media, class divide and environmental turmoil - McKenna youthful audience were in awe as he blitzes from one track to the next. Swirling and rocking the stage with tracks such as 'Brazil' and 'The Key to Life on Earth', the night reached an end with the storming 'British Bombs' and McKenna run was enjoyed by sweet piano play, throttle sounds and a show that will last forever in the minds of one.

In the end, Mckenna's live show is a promising sight for the future of a hit star that takes on the world of indie-pop into his hands.

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