Death by Piano - 'Nightwalk'

Following on from their hit single 'Emergency' and 'Newer Light', New York City-based duo Death by Piano share their final instalment of 2020.

From contrasting expansive vocals to eery synths, 'Nightwalk' is bought to life by both their detailed lyricisms and electronic production. Comprising of Kalen and producer/instrumentalist Greywolf, Death by Piano channel influences such as Massive Attack and the darkwave sound of Polica.

As the band said: “‘Nightwalk’ is sort of an answer to ‘Emergency’. Before things are about to blow, it’s an effort to air our grievances. A vesper turned midnight dance tune. An effort to get to Newer Light by dawn and put the past to sleep…….”

Bringing their trilogy to a close, Death by Piano are a distinctive duo that are becoming a prominent emerging talent within the city.

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