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Dave Jakes - 'Been in My Dream' (feat. The Last Dinosaur)

Former lead vocalist of Lonely The Brave, Dave Jakes' debut single is a brilliant sign of what he has to offer as a solo artist.

With Lonely The Brave's music making it to the top of the Rock Album Charts, it's no surprise that 'Been in My Dream' is as addictive as it is. Whilst Jakes' vocals permeate the gorgeous viola section courtesy of Rachel Lanksey (aka The Last Dinosaur) alongside the guitars and drums, there is a familiar nostalgia impossible to ignore. Jakes' vocals are balanced perfectly between mellow yet powerful, which makes for ideal easy-listening.

The verses lead up in a beautiful rhythm to the single's chorus, where Jakes' vocals sing out, "Been in my dream again / I'm gonna keep you right there 'til the morning light". Once this single finishes, this will undoubtedly be stuck in your head for hours after.

If it's not the chorus that imprints this single firmly into your memory, it will be its rhythm. Simply impossible to ignore, the mellow rhythms present in 'Been in My Dream' are the ideal to move to. If you don't catch yourself swaying or singing along, you need to listen again.

If 'Been in My Dream' is anything to show of what we should expect on Jakes' debut self-titled mini-album out December 11th, it highlights that this is something to definitely look forward to.